Opening Weekend MO Bow Season

Hey guys, opening day finally came on Sunday, September 15th. Temperatures cooled off slightly but as usual still ranged up to 80 degrees in places. Rain showers occasionally popped up but nothing that seemed to extreme. I spoke with several friends over the weekend and we are seeing deer movement increase right at dark on our food sources. This is to be expected early season making it extremely tough to get a buck harvested in daylight hours, but it only gets worse when the “October Lull” hits. The majority of bucks caught on trail cameras are shed of their velvet cover by now but you will occasionally catch one still covered. Missouri had quite the spring when it comes to rainfall but after the middle of July we have been very dry causing our fall food plot output to be slim. Luckily the mast crops(corn and soy beans) in agricultural areas are still holding their own even with the constant pressure from local wildlife. I keep my hopes high. Rain is in the forecast for the next week and I look for deer movement to increase with falling temperatures, however slim that might be. I’ll try to get some pictures posted from last year off my trail cameras. Some of them can be very interesting as I try to follow each deer personally as it grows over the years. The majority, once mature are even given a name usually due to characteristics or look of the deer. One example you’ll see in a picture I posted last week of a buck I harvested in November of 2010. I called this buck “Slick” because it had a clean rack with no trash or kickers as you might call it. Each year I develop a Hit-List of bucks that I believe to be mature, 4 1/2 years old or older, that are ready to be taken out of the heard. This list may be updated throughout the year because of new deer moving in and out of the area. Once the list is developed, all efforts are focused on patterning each deer’s whereabouts and hanging stands to hunt. Each week the game plan can and will most likely change. That’s bowhunting for you, and I’ll do my best to keep you updated on what we’re seeing develop each week. -Mike



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