Plot Recap

Well in most parts of the country food plot growing season is quickly coming to an end. Soil temperatures are falling and first frosts are becoming reality. Lets do a quick recap of this years challenges and outcomes in the Midwest in relation to food plot and crop growth, thus also affecting the local wildlife. The Midwest had a plentiful amout of rainfall to kickoff the spring, along with a healthy amount of sunlight energy. This boost our soil temperatures from a dormant stage and prepared seed beds. But, on the other hand, the heavy rains hindered some equipment use, and ultimately forced farms to wait to plant due to flooding and muddy conditions; not that they’re complaining about rain…Once Mid-May rolled around soil temperatures became moderate and seed was in the ground and sprouting rapidly. In a matter of weeks crop growth was substantial along with our spring green food plots. Little did we know this moisture deposit would have to last as we would not receive anymore for some time. June 1st through the latter part of August were quite dry with the occasional sprout of rainfall, luckily crops gained a head start in the spring and for the most part sustained their output. Of course, rain could have always helped improve the yield and local wildlife benefit. Now heading into the first part of September food sources are still being hit hard by area wildlife but rain and cooler temperatures were not far off. From Mid-September to the first part of October we noticed a huge increase in food plot mast due to a drop in soil temperature and increased moisture. I guess the Lord answered our prayers once again, kicking off our fall bow-season with great action.



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