Checkout Dairy Carrie!!

I discovered a new blog a few weeks back at! And it’s certainly one to remember and check up on often. Carrie’s blog consists of a multitude of subjects involving the world of agriculture. If you see it on the news and have questions you might just give her a shout out or see if there’s an article on the blog page.

Classmates and I recently spoke with Carrie through a Skype session and I found her story to be quite interesting and funny in a way. In the session Carrie described how she was not originally born into the farming community. But she is certainly flourishing in it now. Carrie’s farm in Southern Wisconsin is of average size, about 100 head on 300 acres, and that’s how they like to keep it. I’m sure they are busy enough with that number and the ever-growing blog she has created just 2 years ago.

The best way to learn more about this Dairy Carrie is to read up on her. Not only does she run a successful blog, but you can find her on Facebook and Twitter, along with going to see her at some of the public seminars she may be involved with in the future.



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