Well guys winter is quickly setting and as usual it always comes to soon on the farm. The growing season is done(for the most part) and its time to wait it out for four months. Across the countryside almost all the crops are out and the winter wheat is in. Cattle farmers are starting to use their hay supply as even the fescue is going dormant. One of my biggest worries is creating sufficient wintering cover for the wildlife on my property. So often I think as landowners we forget about the animals that spend their their time on our ground, although it may be outside the fence. Along with winter habitat, a winter food source is key in sustaining a native wildlife population. Predators become active when wildlife become exposed in the winter. Placing food closer to cover will greatly decrease the odds of predation on local wildlife. Young animals born in the spring are still quite vulnerable going into their first winter and must be closely monitored for protection. It all roles around to location!!!! Food close to cover will create a natural magnet for wildlife to travel and stay on your property!



Heart Rate Outdoors describes my life, living and breathing anything and everything outdoors, and sharing adventures experienced in the land God created!
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